We at Teen Patti Thrones are here to make the game play simple and convenient for you. We are here to make continuous efforts to make the gameplay rules simple and fair for everyone. However, it doesn’t happen with us but we don’t appreciate any kind of cheating, discrimination, violence, etc. in any way. By playing our games, you are accepting our terms and conditions, if you are not accepting or comfortable in any of our rules, then we advise you to not to play our games. In case of violation, breaking rules, irrespective intention or motive can lead to suspension of your account. Please read the following list of rules below to keep your account active and avoiding being suspended.
Do Not:
Chips Transfers
Losing hands at the table with an intention to transfer chips with anyone else or yourself on other account. Losing hands deliberately at the table to move chips to any other individual (or yourself on another account) is an infringement of our Terms of Service and is forcefully authorized through chips seizures, account suspensions as well as temporary or permanent banning of your account.
Multiple Accounts
One person is allowed for only one account per social network and you are not allowed to use multiple accounts to collect free chips (aka chips farming). If we notice any such actions then suitable actions will be taken against you in form of seizing your chips, account suspension, or banning you permanently. The attentiveness of the punishment and method of authorization lies totally upon us.
Chip Farming/Scripting
Using any manual procedures and scripts to gather free chips is considered as violation of terms and conditions of the Teen Patti Thrones. Such practices and behavior are strictly not allowed in any way. Detection of such behaviors in anyway may lead you confiscating your chips, suspension of your accounts, or permanent ban.
Refund and Cancellation Policy
Once chips are being credited to your account, we don’t offer any refunds. If your chips have not been credited due to any reason then you may contact us immediately and your chips will be granted and credited to your account immediately. If in any case we are not able to grant you chips, your refund will be processed from our end within 3 working days.